Namco's System 246 is the Arcade equivilent to the Sony Playstation 2. The original rack units consisted of a normal Playstation 2 motherboard connected to a custom Namco daughter board for various io. The game program is run off of a memory card sized piece called a dongle. The game's assets are loaded off of a normal pc ide dvd-rom drive. The original rev a and b rack units featured the same controller port / memory card block as a Playstation 2 console which was usually hidden under a metal cage as seen in the picture above. This system runs at both Low resolution (15hz) or High resolution (31hz) modes. Most games will run at the 31hz High resolution mode but some early titles for the system were limited to the 15hz Low resolution mode. Certain games such as Soul Calibur II and Soul Calibur II Arcade Edition could even use a standard Playstation or Playstation 2 controller for play by simply plugging it into the port on your system. Later version C rack units could not do this due to the lack of the controller ports. Just like the Sega Naomi or Neo Geo MVS this system was designed with the idea or only having to buy game software insead of a brand new system for each game making the cost for an arcade operator much lower then traditional games. Below is some additional Information on Namco System 246 Arcade.

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