The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

The 3DO is one of the first CD Based 32-Bit Video Game systems. It was one of the only systems not made by the company that created it. Instead of 3DO just making their own game systems they let companies like Panasonic, Goldstar, Sanyo and Samsung make them. Creative Labs even released an ISA expansion card for PCs that would allow you to play the games right on your computer. This card was called the 3DO Blaster. The system could render 2d and 3d graphics. Due to the fact that 3DO wasn't the biggest success in the market not much is known about the system in the main stream. The 3DO brought us such games like Way of the Warrior and Twisted the Game Show. The Main input was a front loading single speed CD-Rom like the first Sega CD. The reason it is called multi-player with only 1 controller port is that the controllers can be chained (plugging on into another) up to 8 in a row. The system could also play VCD's with an expansion card that had to be bought separately (each brand of system had its own unique VCD card). In this section I will offer information, codes and other stuff having to do with the 3DO. Enjoy.