The Dead or Alive series, like it or hate it, has always been one of the major players in the fighting game genre. From its introduction in 1996 in arcades to its more modern versions on current consoles its always had a great fanbase. Many people credit this appeal to its busty bouncy female characters and general sense of sex appeal, but Dead or Alive on a whole is more then the sum of its parts. The driving force behind building the series was former Tecmo Team Ninja Director Tomonobu Itagaki. His philosipy was to create a fighting game that was not only fun to play but always appealing to the eye as well. He wanted a game that always delivered the full package and in the series' over 10 years it has done that and more. Not being happy with just a fighting game Tomonobu has also spun off the series into three Volleyball sports games as well as four 3d reimagninings of the Classic Ninja Gaiden games (3 console and 1 portable). The fanbase of this series is always growing and seams to take on a new life with each and every release. Who knows what the future will hold. Here is some information about the Dead or Alive Series.

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