Sega Dreamcast

The ultimate gaming console alsk known as the Sega Dreamcast has has lived up to that title and then some. Dreamcast was the first 128-bit gaming system on the market. The Dreamcast produced many ground breaking technologies. The 128-Bit graphics were revolutionary. No other system at the time had produced such stunning visuals. The Visual Memory Unit (VMU) was a memory card with a screen that can have download games from certain Dreamcast titles and play them separate form the Dreamcast. The VMU also has a special display for all games and can be used to display secret plans and scores so no other players can see. The GD-ROM or Gig Disc as it is called is a special formatted disc that is around 1.5 GB in size. It provides more storage space than on a CD-ROM so there can be more game content. The Dreamcast like the N64 has 4 controller ports for multi-player games. Some Multiplayer games include Gauntlet Legends, Power Stone 2, most shooters, and many more. The Sega continued many of its hit series on the system like Sonic The Hedgehog and Virtua Fighter. They also made new concepts like Power Stone. The system had few RPG Games but for the few it had they were all great. The RPG Games include Skies of Arcadia, Silver, Shenmue 1 and 2, and a few more. Why is it the ultimate gaming console you ask? Well the Dreamcast is one of the only systems that can run certain pc games (Wolfenstein 3d, Quake, Doom and more), emulate other systems (NES, SNES, Genesis, Playstation, and more), play Divx movies (Divx is a special Mpeg-4 format), Play VCD movies and much much more. So In the end it can really do alot and have great graphics. Here is some information about this ultimate gaming system the Dreamcast.