The Famicom Disk System

The Famicom Disk System was a Japanese only add-on for the Famicom (NES in the USA). It used special formatted double sided floppy disks. They were close to the size of a 3.5 inch floppy disc for a computer. Many classics like Super Mario 2 (Known as Lost Levels in the USA) and Doki Doki Panic (more about this in another article) were only released on this system in Japan. The graphics were near to identical to regular Nintendo Entertainment System graphics. To connect the system you your Famicom or AV Famicom (Known as Top Loading NES in the USA) you would take the black ram adaptor and put it in the Famicom cartridge slot. The Famicom would sit on top of the disk system. (like in the picture on the right above) The Famicom Disk System needed its own AC power supply to run. Since the two systems were connected you used the Famicom controllers and Guns to play disk games. In my opinion this system in physical size was quite big. It was as big or larger then most common shoe boxes. The system presented a bit of loading time but it was nothing compared to some of today’s load time. Most of the games on the system never made it to the USA or any where outside Japan. Here is some information about this Japanese only Add-on.