The Nintendo 64

The N64 , Nintendo’s next generation console machine. Although the system had a very expensive cartridge game format (some games cost $60-$70USD on release) it excelled in graphics. With use of a 64-bit graphics chip some of the best Nintendo games were born. This system was one of the first to sport 4 controller ports which gave it a big advantage when it came to multi-player games. It was quite common for games to have 4 Player modes. Games like shooters and some fighting games had for player mayhem. The system had one weakness RPG’s. There were not many RPG’s at all. Only 2 true Traditional RPG’s were released for Nintendo 64. Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage and Quest 64 were the only true Traditional RPG games. The reason I say traditional is because many people consider Zelda an RPG and there are some that call it an action/adventure game. Zelda just doesn’t fall in that traditional RPG mold. Shooters were very common on the Nintendo 64. Games like Doom, Quake and Perfect Dark made the system a real shooter system. Due to the way the graphics chip draws the graphics this caused jagged edges or aliasing. In order to fix this 3D graphics textures had to be blurred a little to smooth the edges. The memory card fit right into the controller just like many systems after it did. The only problem with the controller was that there was only one slot. In order to use a memory card and Rumble Pak you needed to swap them when the game told you to. Nintendo took some of their award winning games like Zelda, Mario and, F-Zero to name a few and brought them to the next level. A few Duke Nukem games also made there way on Nintendo 64. Due to the cartridge format loading time was never a problem. Here is some information about the N64.