Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

The Nintendo Entertainment System or NES as it is better known has really shaped the console gaming industry was we know it. The NES used 8-bit graphics that blew away everything of it's time. The graphics for those of you who never knew the NES are a little better then the Gameboy color. The system featured 2 controller ports (which was common at the time) and an uncomfortably shaped pointy cornered rectangular controller. For game input it used a small in storage space but large in size cartridge. The system had mononominal sound so it wouldn’t sound that amazing when hooked to a stereo. Game saves were done on the cartridge like many future systems would use as well. To my knowledge the Nintendo Entertainment System had the first game enhancer, the Game Genie. The Game Genie worked very much like today’s Gameshark except the fact that you had to enter the codes every time you used it. The picture above is the original front loading model of the Nintendo Entertainment System. The only problem this system had is due to the way the cartridge loaded it made the connector inside wear out quickly. This wearing out of the connector caused difficulty to get games to start (the blinking screen effect). A top loading model was made later which didn’t have this problem. Many of the games you know today like Final Fantasy, Zelda, Super Mario, Metroid, Dragon Warrior and many more got their start here. Well here is some information about the system and more.

Game Axe Color Portable Famicom Clone