Nintendo Gamecube

The Gamecube marked Nintendo's first game system which used optical discs. Instead of going with a regular cd or dvd Nintendo decided to go with their own format called the Gamecube Disc. The discs were smaller then normal discs (size of mini-cd/dvd or a japanese cd single). Powered by an IBM processor along with an ATI graphics chip the Gamecube was ready to take on the other companies. The gamecube is not as powerful as the Xbox but is more powerful then Sony's Playstation 2. Hardware alone does not make the system, its the software that makes all the difference. Nintendo had their classic characters return once again. Versions of Mario, Zelda, Star Fox and other popular Nintendo series were the power in the Gamecube software lineup. The only place the system was lacking was in the third party support. Offen games would get either a PS2 or Xbox version or both but no Gamecube version could be seen. Even worse some developers would release crippled versions of their games on the cube. Another place where the gamecube suffered was online support which was almost non-existant on the system. Reguardless of its flaws the Nintendo Gamecube has left a lasting impression on the gaming market. Here is some information on Nintendo's Gamecube video game system.