The Personal Computer

The personal computer in most minds is the first real game system. The computers of the past paved the way for the game systems of today. Many limits were pushed with new graphic, sound and CPU Chips. The Voodoo 3dFX line was one of the best cards in the early days. They provided great 3d graphics and frame rates. There have been many 3d cards around like the TNT Series, Radeon Series, Geforce seres and alot more. No other cards have gained such popularity like NVIDIA’s Geforce series and ATI's Raedon cards. The Geforce Series and Raedon Series are two of the major cards of today. Sound cards have also changed the way we play. The SoundBlaster series has been the leader in sound cards. Although many others like the Soundman have been out most people want a SoundBlaster by Creative Labs. The Sound Blaster has been the sound card of choose for ages now. When it comes to CPU's alot of people would swear by something made by Intel. More and more people are seeing the advantages of AMD's Athlon CPU's for gaming. Computers are an ever changing field. What is new today is old tomorrow. The computer is able to do much more than a game console but with features come price. A top of the line computer can cost three to four times the price of a new console system maybe even more. PC Games past and present have changed how games are even thought of. Here is some information of various PC games.