The Playstation 2

The Playstation 2 or Sony Playstation 2 computer entertainment system as Sony called it is currently the leader in the console games market. After the huge success of the Sony Playstation (PSX, Psone, ps1) Sony wanted to make their next system just as good. They started with a 128-bit graphics chip made by Toshiba called the "Emotion Engine" and went from there. The system is the first to feature a DVD-ROM drive as its main media drive. Another first for disc game systems Sony brought with the PS2 is full backwards compatibility. (Atari 7800 was the first Cartridge system to do this) This means when you buy a Playstation 2 you can't only just play PS2 games but all regular Playstation games, controllers and memory cards will run on the PS2 as well. With new games and the new online network now out Sony is truly the console of choice according to sales figures. Here is some information on the Playstation 2.