Sony Playstation

The Sony Playstation was perhaps the most successful of the 32-bit game systems. The system featured a double speed CD-ROM and a 32 bit GPU. PSX as it is now called, broke new ground when it came to CD-ROM console games. It could render full 3d Graphics and 2d graphics. Perhaps 3d fighters owe there popularity to the PSX. Sony’s dream machine featured the most 3d fighters of any game system. Some of those games are Dead or Alive (PSX version is different from Sega Saturn), Tekken Series, Street Fighter EX, Bloody Roar Series, and many more. Role Playing Games also were a strength for the system. With companies like Squaresoft, Working Designs, Enix and more the Playstation had even more game power. With RPG games like Final Fantasy 7, 8, & 9, Xenogears, Crono Cross, and tons more The PSX was the RPG system of its generation. Due to all the third party game developers on the Playstation bandwagon there was no stopping it. When it comes to 2D graphics that is where the PSX suffers. The system was only able to produce some lack luster 2d graphics. Considering most of the 2d games on PSX were only released in Japan on Sega Saturn most of the games sold pretty well. With only 2 controller ports and a clumsy 4 player adaptor multi-player was not strength for PSX. Considering its strengths and weaknesses Sony took a good idea and made it into a profitable enterprise. The Playstation although not the powerhouse for graphics did pretty well due to the volume of good games. Here is some information about Playstation and its games.