Super Nintendo

The Super NES was released after the Sega Genesis but it still had its high points. The system had some graphics abilities that surpassed the Genesis. Some games looked better due to higher system specs and different graphic ability. This new Super Nintendo featured a lot of things that weren’t possible when the original Nintendo Entertainment System was made. The first you can see if the much improved graphics quality. Instead of the older looking 8-bit graphics now you have smooth looking 16-bit graphics. The Super Nintendo’s special enhanced graphics chip called the Super FX chip made the system able to render 3D like graphics in certain games. A prime example of the Super FX chip at work is in the game Star Fox. In Star Fox the ships almost look like they are rendered with polygons like in Sony Playstation. Unfortunately not too many games took advantage of the Super FX chip. The original Nintendo had mono sound. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System has full stereo. A very important feature is the much larger cartridge size. Now instead of being limited to a space less then 1MB Nintendo has up to 6MB to store all the game data. Since it had a top loading cartridge slot like the model 2 Nintendo you don’t get the annoying blinking like the model 1 Nintendo had. On the down side Nintendo's answer to the Genesis in the 16-bit revolution did have a few problems. The one major thing is that certain games on SNES would experience slow down that the Genesis versions wouldn't. The Main game genre that had this slow down are the fighting games. If you compare versions of Street Fighter 2 on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis you will notice a slow down in the Super Nintendo version. I guess for better looking graphics you have to pay a little price sometimes. Not many other types of games had this problem. RPG’s are where Super Nintendo shined in the game department. The system had many successful series like Final Fantasy 4-6, Chrono Trigger and Mario RPG. Revised versions of NES games with the word super in their names and new classics like F-Zero made up the Super Nintendo game library. Like the Genesis there was more than one model of the system. The original SNES was smaller than the NES. The second model of the SNES was even smaller than the first. The model pictured above is the original. The Super NES was a huge step for it's time and is still a favorite today. Here is some information about the Super Nes.