The Sega Saturn was released slightly before the Sony Playstation. It excels in areas where the PSX does not and some areas it does not do as well. The Sega Saturn could push 2D and 3D graphics to their limits. One of the strengths of the system was great 2D graphics. Capcom and SNK released many their popular 2d fighters on the system. These were graphically some of the best releases of those games. Some of the games include Street Fighter Zero series (Alpha in America), King of Fighters, Metal Slug, X-Men VS Street Fighter and many more. The Sega Saturn didnít lack in its 3D power either. It could render breath taking visuals in full 3d. Some of the best 3d Games on Saturn include Dead or Alive, Virtua Fighter series, Shining Force 3, Panzer Dragoon games, Radiant Silvergun, Fighting Vipers, Nights into Dreams and many more. Backup memory for saved games was included right in the system and powered by a small battery. You could also get memory card cartridge if you run out of the limited internal memory. The controller design stayed very close to the genesis 6-Button design with a few changes. The controller had a slightly different shape and 2 extra buttons (L and R). The Sega Saturn was one of the First systems to feature a double speed (2X) CD-ROM drive. The release was rushed and none of the game makers were ready. Even though it had a rocky start it still left a lasting impression. Here is some information about the Sega Saturn.