Below is a List of characters in the game Thrill Kill and a description of each.

Belladonna ,the woman with the cattle prod. Don't let her looks fool you she is a very tough character to beat. Her original name is Belladonna Marie Cocherto. But now in hell she is only know as Belladonna. She was a housewife and part time librarian. She is in her early 20's and likes to read bake and get spanked. She died from an "accidental" electrocution while taking a bath. Her original hometown was Savannah Georgia, USA. In the ring she is nothing but pleasant. With her cattle prod she can punish just about anyone.

The master of torment. Tormentor is a rather strong character but he doesn’t lack speed. Tormentor's original earth name was William J Whitefield. But now in hell he is known as Tormentor. He was a District Judge at the age of 51 while living on earth. Tormentor died from the terrible jolts from the electric chair. He was convicted of 2 murders but was also suspected of 52 others. He enjoyed sadistic hobbies like burning ands with a magnifying glass. He originally lived in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. In the ring Tormentor is a serious threat. He uses a big chain to whip and choke his enemies. This leather clad monster really can get the job done.

Oddball a very strange character, well not really this is Thrill Kill so nothing is strange. Oddball was originally known as Raymond Raystack a 31 year old FBI agent. His job was to study and profile serial killers. The only problem with this is doing this for some time he started to admire the very serial killers he was hired to hunt out. Oddball soon started people killing himself. He was gunned down by his young protégé after a killing spree. He liked activities like chess and doing things in his basement. He originally lived in Belfast, Maine, USA. In the ring he has a very creative fighting style. His fighting style is a combo of break-dance fighting, jumps and head buts. Oddball can't use either of his arms so this puts a strange twist on his moves. Although he might look weird don't under estimate him.

The big giant may be big and strong but he does have his issues. Originally known as Franklin Peppermint, he was a postal worker at age 26. When he was fired form his great job as a postal worker he got mad and shot himself. He originally lived in Covington, Indiana, USA. He liked listening to soft jazz music. In the ring she is a powerhouse. He might be very strong but the only problem is he lacks speed due to his large size. But don't count this giant out he can kick ass as good if not better than anyone else. His fighting style consists of very painful throws and hits. This is one guy you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

The Imp small but deadly. The Imp was originally known as Billy B. Tattoo. He was a 39 year old government employee. The Imp died from complication from experimental legs used after both had been amputated. He enjoyed singing in the church choir and originally lived in Albany, New York. In the ring he has a rather strange fighting style. His main advantage is his speed. Being small pays off he has many fast moves and can kill the slower characters before they even through a punch. This proves that bad things come in small packages.

Dr. Faustus, the doctor that will make any patient's face turn white in fear. The Doctor here was originally known as Dr. Gabriel Faustus. He was a plastic surgeon with a thirst for blood. He was charged with 27 malpractice suits but never convicted. The reason that the good doctor died was an infection from self grafting a bear trap on his own face. He lived in Los Angeles California USA and loves the knife. In the ring this guy is an evoker of pain. He is very fast and very painful. He uses a knife originally used in surgery as a deadly weapon. His fighting style consists of many fast kicks and deadly pokes of the knife. He is a master doctor and a deadly killer.

Cleetus with human leg will travel. Originally known as Cleetus T Radley his age is unknown. His job was a trapper, he trapped various creatures. His death was caused by starvation from a tape worm. He was convicted of animal cruelty. Cleetus lived in Radley Hollow Kentucky USA. He is as cannibal and very much likes to eat people. In the ring Cleetus uses the bloody leg he carries with him as a weapon. He is not really that fast but far from slow. He has some good kicks and some throws where he eats his opponents. This guy can kick ass and eat the remains.

Violet the deadly human pretzel. She was original known as Violet Boregard. At 19 she was a circus contortionist. She died form a spinal cord rupture probably form all that twisting. Violet liked dancing and aerobics. She was convicted of manslaughter to bring her to this tournament. This twisty diva was original form Thomia, Austria. In the ring she is quick and fast. She has many twisted moves and fast combos. She is perhaps one of the most unpredictable characters in the whole game. Watch out or she will twist you up.