Thrill Kill the vision of Virgin Interactive. The game was originally going to be made as an adult fighting games loaded with violence and sexual content. The game was that and more. It featured a 4 player fighting system where 4 players (human or computer) would battle it out in and eliminate or "Kill" a player each time. Once it was down to just 2 players who ever won got to do a Thrill Kill which is like an extreme version of a Mortal Kombat Fatality. The game was a great idea and played out even better then it was planed. The virgin interactive company was bought out by Electronic Arts and EA decided that the game was not a game they wanted their name on and they canceled Thrill Kill 2 weeks before the release day. Well since Thrill Kill was 100% finished when canceled it was fit for release. Somehow the game leaked out. I myself am a proud owner of a full NTSC Uncensored Version of the best game never released Thrill Kill. Most of this Section is based on Game play experience and not stupid hype. Enjoy.