The XBOX is Microsoft's first attempt at console games. The system has proven to be quite a success contrary to the beliefs of critics. This system features a custom Intel CPU and custom NVIDIA graphics processor. Like the Playstation 2 the Xbox has a DVD-ROM as its main media drive. Unlike any other systems on the market the Xbox features a network/broadband adaptor and 8 GB hard drive included. The hard drive can be used to store music ripped form CD's (in WMA format) which can be used in certain games as a substitute for the in game soundtrack. The other great use of the hard drive is for game saves. Like most systems out today the Xbox features 4 controller ports for multiplayer play. These ports are high speed sort of like a USB port. With the intense support of 3rd party developers and the new online ability you can expect the Xbox to stick around for a while. Here is some information about the Microsoft Xbox.