Doctor V64

The Doctor V64 was the world's first Nintendo 64 Backup/Low Cost Developement machine. It was released in 1996 by Bung Enterprises LTD. and with a good price an many features it was a great asset for professionals and amatures alike. The Machine connects to the bottom of the Nintensdo 64 game system through the DD Exspansion port as pictured below:

The N64 and Doctor V64 Connect together like this.

The machine featured a 8x or 24X cd-rom drive for loading games, vcd movies or cd audio. The auto switching power suply and video mode switch makes it compatable world wide. The devices main purpose as stated by Bung was to be a cheap solution for developers and play audio and video cds. Of course this wonderful machine can do much much more. It can make an image of a game cartridge which can then be recorded on a cd for playing on the n64 system though the Doctor V64 or it could be played on a standard N64 emulator. The rom file would be made from the cartridge then transfered to a computer via a parallel cable. The best feature would have to be the ability to load game rom files from cd and load them on to the game system for flawless play. The games could also be loaded into the systems internal ram via a parallel cable connection. Speaking of ram, the system features 128 megabits (16 megabytes) of system ram. It can be upgraded to 256 megabits (32 megabytes) The only drawback with that kind of ram is the system can not play any games that are larger then the installed ram. So if you have the full 32 megabytes of ram you cant play games bigger then that. The good thing is there isnt too many games over 32 megabytes. Now this monster doesnt take no ordinary ram it takes special Bung ram chips as pictured below:

This is a Doctor V64 ram chip

One of the main downfalls of this system has to be that all the contol is done with the buttons on the system itself. You cant use a controller in the menu's of the OS. Speaking of the os, it is stored on a single flash chip which can be upgraded when needed. Video CD playback on the Doctor is decent for a machine that is not just made for that. In some burned vcd's or pirated vcd's you might run into problems but there are better vcd players then this. The audio is ehnahced with the a 3D Spatializer chip built-in which creates a 3d Surround effect that works for all types of media used by this machine. Hooking up this system is rather simple. You do need a a/v (red, white and yellow) cable to do this. All you do is hook the a/v cable to the n64 then hook the ends of that to the Dr V64's video in then take a regular A/V Cable and connect it from the DR's video out to your regular television. The black connecter gets slid into the Doctor V64's Cartridge slow and then connected to the expansion port on the bottom of the n64. If you want to play games off cd or streamed off a computer you will need to use either the emulation adaptor (included), a ds1 Cartridge or a dx256 cartridge as pictured below:

This is the EmulationAdaptorThis is a DS1 Save AdaptorThis is a DX256 Save adaptor

You will need to plug a game that doesnt have protection like Super Mario 64 into your chosen adaptor cartridge in order to play games. Both cartridges are for saving games that reguire in cartridge save chips.

With all things considered the Doctor v64 is a great machine for what it can do. Of course being a unlicensed 3rd party machine would usually be bad but Bung did very well with this and it is all it claims to be. As I said before this is a great machine for amatures and professionals alike. It even was bought by some companys while n64 was still being made because it is so much cheaper and does the same thing as Nintendo's PC64 development unit. If you ever are interested in development or just want to have fun I highly recomend getting one of these. Finding it is going to be the hard thing. Searh a bit and you are bound to come up with somthing.

Here are some more pictures of the Doctor V64 (Click to enlarge)