The Game Axe Color is a Portable NES system made by Redant in Hong Kong. It is a system created for the Japanese famicom cartridges. Game Axe was manufactured without the permission of Nintendo. It plays all games for the USA NES System and the Japanese Famicom. For USA games you need a converter like the one pictured below:

For a portable Game Axe has a surprisingly loud speaker. there is a standard earhone jack near the volume control for eay access. the only small sound problem is if you turn the volume all the way up it can get a little distorted. One big advantage is it has a back lit TFT LCD screen which is suprisingly sharp and clear. This is a welcome change form the tons of gameboys that were plagued with no light. Sure the screen might be nice and big with a light but has one downfall. When you play for too long or view anything through the video in too long the screen seams to break having black lines through the picture. Letting the system be turned off for a while will make them go away. Since this plays the real NES games you donít have to suffer with the bad Game boy Color conversions. The system features a video out for output to a TV and a video in so you can hook other systems to it. There is a special controller port on each side. The ports are like those of a Sega Genesis system and only take the ones made for it or ones made in Hong Kong. (luckily you can get them on eBay). In the power department this system eats batteries. It takes 6 AA batteries but it does have a port for an AC adaptor. If you want to conserve power the screen can be turned off when you hook the system to a TV. I was kind of shocked to find out this system will work with a Famicom Disk System as seen below:

The systems main downfall is that it was made for Japanese famicom cartridges. If you use the very common converter pictured above the cartridge sometimes rocks back and forth causing your game to crash. For easier game play the rarer Converter with a plastic case is recommended. All and all the game Axe is a good portable considering that Nintendo never gave Rendant permission to make it. If you would like a Game Axe Color your best bet is Ebay. Check it out.

To Check out my Game Axe Color Hardware Review Video on Youtube as well as see some nice high resolution screenshots of the box click the box below:

Game Axe Color