Today I posted my update that I had been working on the past few months and finally finished today. On the Dead or Alive Costume guide I have added full PAL Costume guide, full Sega Saturn/DOA Ultimate, full Arcade and full Arcade Plus Plus costume guides with pictures of all costumes. I also changed the pictures at the top of the pages and the background to the arcade's "loading" screen. Enjoy.

Today I fixed all of the downloads, so now everything is hosted locally (no more yahoo groups). I also added the Dead or Alive 2 saves into the download section as well as added to the N.Kasumi page with independence memory card exploit/freemcboot and emulator methods. The final update today was I fixed all of the images from the Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate page. You see the problem is the screenshot trainer captured the images at 720x480 but the game renders at 640x480, which causes the pictures to be a bit scretched out making the characters look too wide. I took all of the images and made them thinner by the proper ratio so now every character picture looks just right.

With this latest update I have added a section for Namco System 246 Arcade (more to come). I have added the DOA2 Hardcore complete costumes guide section. I had tried doing this in the past with a regular capture card (which stangely enough has been unlinked online Here for quite some time) and was wasn't pleased with the quality of the results. Now since DOA2 Hardcore usa version is now working-ish (graphics work fine but only music works during fights) I was able to capture the pictures in high resolution in the emulator. Unfortunately since DOA2 Hard*Core Japanese version is not supported I had to capture those few costumes exclusive to that version with a regular capture card. I will of course replace those when the game works in the emulator and better captures can be done. This project has been something I have been wanting to do for quite a few years now and I am quite happy to have it done now. I also added the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate covers to the doa covers page and did a quick update to the doa history page to include some information about the game's release. Enjoy.

A while back I had done some updates to the Dead or Alive pages. My webhost has this weird thing where if you don't log into their site in a year they put ads on your page. This of course makes no sense at all because all my pages are uploaded via ftp. So I reset my password for that site and logged on so now we are ad free once again. I figured while I was at it I might as well upload those Dead or Alive page changes as well. The front page has been updated as well as the covers and history pages have been updated to DOA5 Plus. I will eventually add DOA5 Ultimate content in the future. Enjoy.

Well it goes without saying no updates happened here last summer. Once again the creativity bug bit me again and I was inspired to do atleast a small update. I had really liked how the Mortal Kombat banner, gifs and music had turned out. I had been thinking of doing one for Street Fighter 2 for ages now. It had only been recently that I had finally thought of this again. I grabbed 17 Sprites from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. The main stumbling block was they were simply too large to make the title look ok. So I resized all of them by about 3/4, made the banner, resized it and used Cammy's theme as the music. I hope you enjoy the 7th banner, gifs and music that I have added to the random title generator. Also I added a Shang Tsung gif to the Mortal Kombat theme so now all of the characters from the original game are there. Perhaps I may do more updates soon but just like usual, No Promises. Enjoy.

I honestly cant believe its been more then a year since I updated this website. If you haven't noticed by the revised url the web host has changed once again, 110mb deleted my account for no reason and instead of arguing with them since their service hasn't been that great, I moved the whole site to 000webhost.com. I didn't know too much about them but considering they give me plenty of space and bandwith for the 5 people who visit this website, I couldn't see the harm in giving them a chance. I may do some more major updates this summer but have no solid plans, for now enjoy the site alteast being back online, Later.

Today I added the Official Japanese Dead or Alive Dimensions cover to the Dead or Alive Covers page. This one features a more CG looking Kasumi kicking with Hayabusa in the background. Just like with the pal cover I made it so you can click to see a larger version. Enjoy.

Today I added the Dead or Alive Dimensions Promo and Dead or Alive Dimensions PAL covers to the Dead or Alive cover art page. The PAL cover was unveiled as the final cover art in a recent event in Amsterdam. You can click this cover to see a larger version. Enjoy.

Today I added an image link for the Dead or Alive History Page. This page is basically my own retelling of the entire Dead or Alive Series life cycle. I still consider it a work in progress since I will be adding and subtracting from it to make it better. The image link so far has to be the one that has taken me the longest. I wanted to go for the text sticking out and the doa covers being the background but not so that they would make the text unreadable. The problem with the fonts is alot of them were too thin and would be hard to read. I finally found one called Mesquite Std which was not only tall and wide but thick too so it would stand out right. So enjoy this new image link and look forward to me updates.

Before calling this update final, I went back and made some edits to it. First of all I left the covers color instead of using that black and white filter and then I put a slight white border around the text to make it more readable. Enjoy.

Today I fixed the doa ultimate costume page music. Before it had been an mp3 file around 625kb or so and a 10 second loop of the music. This server doesnt like mp3 files and will not allow them (probably for piracy). I converted the music back to a wav and downgraded it to mono and that takes it to 500kb so I reuploaded it and changed the code on both doau costume pages so they finally have their music again. Enjoy.

Well I had originally planned to get the website up yesterday but due to some problems with my uploading software and password I was unable to. If you are reading this you can see I finally got it up today. For about a day and a half a blank page was displayed saying the site is being updated but now that is fixed. Other then getting the site online today I did the long process of checking everything on the site now that the entire contents have been deleted and reuploaded to see if it all works (took me more then an hour). If you are wondering why I deleted and reuploaded the entire site, thats because alot with the directory structure has changed and it would be alot harder to have to juggle files on the server instead or just reupping the whole site. A few strange glitches were fixed, the biggest of which was it now seams the server will only load a file if the name in the source and the name in the file are the exact same case, so if Kasumi is kasumi it won't work. It seams like it had let some of these mistakes slide for a while but not anymore, so I had to fix like 10 mistakes of this nature. On the Dead or Alive Main page I removed the last link which I had planned to put a section about how to mod. I will replace that link once I decide to make that page. On the general game editing page for doa3 I deleted the "index" page since It was never truly finished. I had planned to edit the game alot more and made 3 sections but the other sections were never made so I took it back to how it was before with just the news and screenshots. If I ever get back to researching the files in doa3 I will just add to that page. The last thing I did was started adding doa3 skins to the downloads page. I figure why not put them there for people who don't feel like browsing through all the pages. I only have Kasumi's skins there for now but will add the rest eventually. I am very glad to have this new version of the site finally up and hope you enjoy it.

For quite a few months I have been working on this site doing various improvements on the site. If you had talked to me or read posts I had done on the various message boards and youtube this update was refered as my large update or major refit. Some sections have been completely redone and others have just been improved. I had some stuff that I planned to do that I wasn't able to finish which was a result of either time constraints or loss of interest. My main problem as you can see from the rather inconsistent patten of these updates I have posted over the years, is that I only feel like building new web pages every once in a while. I have some more huge things planned for this site and would like to dedicate this update to all my friends and supporters. So for now here is what has been changed since the last update: (can't believe I remembered my bullet point code)

  • Changed all pages to htm file format (more of a behind the scenes thing)
  • Completely removed the no frames version of the site and made the frames version the default. (didn't feel it was needed anymore)
  • Every system Page now has image links instead of the traditional text links they used to have. For the longest time I thought they were just hard to read so now thats fixed.
  • Edited the title bar so it says The Game Nexus (plus a little extra) and not The GameNexus since I always typed it with the space, I only removed the space for certain videos that didnt have enough room.
  • Added alt text to The Game Nexus Classic theme so when you mouse over the characters they are identified as Duke Nukem and Lo Wang (yes that is his real name).
  • Darkened the backgrounds on the Sega Saturn, Playstation, NES (made it slightly larger too), snes and sega complete sections to make them more readable.
  • Completely redid the link bar on the side, now all links are 200 pixels accross since I had felt for a while they were too small.
  • Edited the frames code so that the link bar is exactly 250 pixels so, no matter what resolution the screen is so the links bar always looks right
  • Added the Playstation 3 Section complete with specs page.
  • Added the Nintendo Wii section complete with specs page.
  • Added a specs page for the TurboGrafx 16.
  • Added a new top picture for the 3do page showing all 4 console in 1 shot (Panasonic FZ-1 & FZ-10, Goldstar and Samsung)
  • Put the specs background on the N64 Main page and the main page background on the N64 Specs Page along with the Me Mario wav. I just think the main page looks cleaner now.
  • Uploaded all the files in the download section (except for the videos) to this web server so you don't have to deal with yahoo to get them. Also fixed 2 yahoo links Hokuto No Ken videos.
  • Added image links to all sections on the Dead or Alive Page.
  • The Dead or Alive page got a new link bar image (Regular doa logo instead of cut doa1 screen)
  • Added the Dead or Alive 3 logo on the top of the DOA3 Custom Costumes section.
  • Spaced the portraits on the DOA3 custom costumes page so that even if your screen is higher resolution they are still locked in a six by three grid which I think looks best.
  • Darkened the Background of the Dead or Alive 3 Custom Costumes page to make the text more readable.
  • Changed the JAP's on the DOA Covers Page to JPN's since thats the more acceptable abreviation.
  • Added the Dead or Alive (PAL) Playstation, Dead or Alive 2 (PAL) Dreamcast, Dead or Alive 4 Promo, Dead or Alive Ultimate (JPN), Dead or Alive Ultimate Promo, Dead or Alive Paradise, Dead or Alive Paradise (PAL), Dead or Alive Paradise Promo and Dead or ALive Paradise (JPN) Covers to the Dead or Alive Cover Art page.
  • Added a new banner, background image and top image to the Dead or Alive main page.
  • Added a larger version of the DOACovers image link to the top of the page as a banner
  • The Game Axe Color page now has an extra link to the page I hosted the high resolution pictures for my Game Nexus Hardware Review for youtube. I also embeded the youtube videos right into the site so they can be easily watched right on that page.
  • I linked the Super 8 Converter Scans page and embeded the youtube Hardware review video as well. The link to that page is on the SNES Page.
  • Dead or Alive, Reviews and Thrill Kill Sections were seperated into folders on the web server to help me edit the site easier (no huge file list)
I hope you enjoy these latest updates as much as I enjoyed doing them.

Today I was browsing through my old files and stumbled upon a part of the site that never got posted. When I was originally designing the Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate costumes section I had envisioned the selection screen actually displaying the select animation if you put your mouse over a character. I even went ahead and made all of the animations. The only problem is some of them were as much as 700kb in size and for a selection screen I thought they were too big. Today I figured why not upload this long lost feature and let my hard work finally be showed off. When I think about it, I find it a bit stupid that I spent hours making these and never uploaded them. So now if you go into the Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate costumes section, under the selection menu is a line of text with a link. If you click on the link it will bring you to my original selection screen with those long lost animations. I have updated this version of the selection screen with the background and heading since it was just the selection screen on a black screen. Keep in mind it will take a few seconds to load each animation depending on your internet connection. Enjoy.

Wow, Can't believe its been more then a year since I updated this site. If you haven't been following me, the reason I haven't done much here is I have been so busy with youtube videos. My user name is gamemaster14neo there and I usually post atleast a video a week or so. I have some plans for more Dead or Alive content on this site so you may be seeing some things on that page in the next couple months. More on that when I get into it. Until then see you on youtube.

Today I added the Dark Baki Kasumi Remix and Dark Baki Ayane Remix costumes from my DOA3 Mod Kasumi Ayane Dark Baki Reverse Tag Mode Video on Youtube. I also changed all the pages from the DOA3 Custom Costumes page from html to htm files (plan to convert the whole site eventually). I also fixed the title lines of all the no frames pages so they say GameNexus and what page they are. Dead or Alive Main (no frames) and Sega Saturn (no frames) were missing title lines so they now have them. Enjoy.

After almost a year of no updates I am back. Today I added the link for the Official Podcast Page and the link for my (Gamemaster14) Youtube channel which I have been posting videos on alot lately. I also added the Turbo Grafx 16 page (specs page coming soon) and I removed the broken counter from the bottom of the page. Enjoy.

For people who have been following my doa3 skins at all, the Helena Life project is finally finished. I have released Helena Life and Helana Death skins for Dead or Alive 3. Each skin has its own page on the Dead or Alive 3 skins page when you click on Helena. They are in ppf format like all my skins so all you need to do is extract the files from your game and patch them, then put them in the correct folder (tutorial comming). Enjoy.

Wow, almost a whole year without updates. The entire site has been moved over to 110mb.com after My-Place.us started putting forced ads on peoples pages and popups. I fixed the Under construction banner since the word Coming was spelled with 2 m's so now its correct. I made a few updates to the N. Kasumi page including a background and integration of my Gametrailers.com videos. I have some larger updates planned for the future so stick arround to see what develops. Enjoy.

First of all the entire site has been moved over to our new host My-Place.us. Since this server is case sensitive I had to make sure all files (pictures, web pages and more) were in the correct case as they were in the html files. In other words if the code said kasumi2.jpg it can not be Kasumi2.jpg because this server see's a captol letter in a file name and thinks its a different file. So the entire site was debuged in this fashion.

Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate Costumes Section. This section features a picture of every costume in Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate (over 100). It also has a simulated select screen complete with image map and music. Each character page features a voice sample from the game.

Dead or Alive 3 Skins are back online in ppf format. In addition to that I have edited/revised the pages for the skins and aligned the text properly. To go with that the following skins have been added: Helena Birth, Helena Youth, Space Ghost Leon and Shadow Ein. I have also added the covers for Dead or Alive 4 and Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 to the doa covers page.

The Game of the Week section has been removed (since I just didnt have enough time for weekly updates) and the reviews from that section have been readded as Special Edition Reviews. Added Review for Fable (XBOX) and Ninja Gaiden (XBOX) done by me (Gamemaster14). Added a review for GTA Liberty City Stories (PS2) by Daedric. Added a Genji (PS2) and Crackdown (XBOX360) Reviews by Inufaye.

I have added with Xbox 360 and Nintendo Gamecube system sections along with system specs pages. Both pages are complete with backgrounds and sounds. I also added a Mortal Kombat banner, gifs and music to the random title generator. So now Mortal Kombat characters will randomly appear along with the other ones. In the Duke Nukem title I fixed the pigcop gif and fixed the Duke Nukem gif so he doesn't eventually stop. On that same title I added the Octobrain gif and a gif for the second boss.

The Frames page now works thanks to My-Place not using a stupid banner bar like Web1000 did. The no frames page now has the links on the side on all main pages. The Staff page has been updated.

The following pages now have backgrounds:
Playstation 2
Sega Saturn
Nintendo 8-Bit
Super Nintendo (Better Background)
Dreamcast (Better Background)
Sega Complete (Darkened Background)
Xbox (fixed white lines, darkened background)
Nintendo 64 (Darkened Background)

The following pages have inproved top pictures:

Sega Complete
Nintendo 64
Super Nintendo
Nintendo 8-Bit
Sega Saturn

This was a huge update that I have been working on for quite a while now and am glad it is finally online. I hope you enjoy The New Game Nexus and hope to update more offen in the future. Enjoy.

Today I added this past weeks game of the week and added the fixed game reviews link. I also added a link to the Official Game Nexus forums so everyone can talk about gaming and this website. Enjoy.

Today I added the Game of the week for the past two weeks. The one for this past week was Sewer Shark for Sega CD and 3do. The one for the week before that is Heavy Metal Geomatrix for Dreamcast. Enjoy the new gotw's.

Today I added This weeks Game of the Week which was Fighting Vipers 2 for the dreamcast. I also added two reviews by Inufaye (Sword of the Berserk for dreamcast and Tales of Legendia for PS2). Along with these reviews I also did a few small updates including: Redoing the Playstation and game reviews graphic links, fixing the dreamcast page (will be fixed more later), Slight edit to the pc section text, table code added to the staff page, Duke Nukem 3d title edited, and I added a country code key to the bottom of the game of the week section. I have many more updates planned for this coming week including the building of the gamecube section and much more. For now enjoy the new content.

Today I added the Game of the week reviews for the past two weeks. Those games are Rising Zan for Playstation and Hokuto No Ken for Playstation. I decided to try some thing new and made mp3 files of both of the intro songs for those games available for download. I even included a couple gameplay movies for Hokuto no Ken. I added all four of those downloads to the download section in a download table called Game of the Week Files. Hope you enjoy these and see you again with this weeks GOTW later this week.

Today I added the following reviews:

Ratchet and Clank Going Commando (PS2) Review by Inufaye
Shinobi (PS2) Review by Inufaye
Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow (GBA) Review by Gamemaster 14 (me)
Lunar Legend (GBA) Review by Gamemaster14
Lunar Dragon Song (NDS) Review by Gamemaster14

I also added the all new Game of the Week section. It is designed to have a featured review for each week. This review will be a game that most people may not know or may not have played. I am mainly targeting the unpopular games and ones that kinda slipped under the radar. With that the Game of the Week this week is Destrega for Playstation. Enjoy the new reviews.

I had decided to make the non frames version of this website look better. So I used a simple table html code to give it a frames-like apperience. I liked how well this looked that I uploaded it right away. Enjoy this new look and easier navigation. (frames version wasn't changed)

Another 5 months or so have gone by. Web1000 (this sites host) has added an annoying bar on the top. The lame part of course is it doesnt work properly with frames for the time being. Now you can decide the view the page with frames or without. The frames version is how the site always was. The without version has the links for the sections below the update text. Also in this update I have added the Final Fantasy 8 and Classic Game Nexus title themes to the random title script so now this site will randomly change between 5 different title bars, musics and gifs. I do plan to do some nice updates in the next months as well as more. Keep a watch here and check out my yahoo group (http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/gamenexusgroup3/) for updates of everything I do. Until next time, Enjoy.

Wow, more then a year without a single update. I am sorry to say but reports of my death are greatly exagerated. At this point I have decided to continue updating this website. As of recent the company who hosts this site, Web1000 has gone under new management so they put ads on peoples website. If you don't want there is a simple code they give you to remove them. You simply put !--NOPUMP-- (encased in > <'s) at the very begining of each page before the html tag and they will be all gone. So for my first update I added that tag to all of the 101 html files that make up this website so you can enjoy an ad free Game Nexus once again. The second update I did was to the Dead or Alive cover art page. I added the Dead or Alive Ultimate and Dead or Alive 4 Gamespot promo covers plus I added a better quality version of the Dead or Alive 3 Platinum Hits cover. For now the only problem with the site is all the Dead or Alive skin downloads are down. I will be putting them back up in patch format soon. I plan to do many more updates soon so watch out for them. Enjoy

The following stuff has been added:

Chaos Legion Review for PS2 (InuFaye)
Dragonballl Z Budokai 2 Review for PS2 (InuFaye)
Celebrity Deathmatch Review for Xbox (Gamemaster14)
Dark Demon Bayamen DOA3 Skin
Dark Demon Wong DOA3 Skin
Dark Demon Hayate DOA3 Skin
Huge Update to DOA3 general Editing Page
Removed PGSM LInk (going to replan the japanese anime/tv section)
Did a few minor fixes here and there. Enjoy.

Today I added the skin of Dark Baki Bikini Hitomi I made when doing the general game editing project to the doa3 custom costumes page. Enjoy.

I have put up the first phase of my large website update. Here is what is updated:

The following pages now have background images:
All DOA1 Costume Guide Pages
All Review Pages
The Main review page
Dead or Alive Main Page
Xbox system specs
Famicom Disk System Feature
PC Main
PSX Main

Reviews Main Page Now has music (Blaster Master V2)
The Downloads Page Now has Music (Blaster Master Lv3)
All Downloads are fixed
I Used the alt code on all graphic links and main page gifs.
My Morrowind PC Review has been added
Hipnotize has been added to the staff page (reviews soon)
Graphic Links have been added for gamecube and PGSM sections (Comming soon)

I have been doing alot of Work on my Final Fantasy 7 Epsilon Project for Dead or Alive 3. This will feature a skin of every main character from FF7 In DOA3. You can see the latest beta shots at Ninjahacker I will be continuing work on those skins and more website updates. Stay Tuned. Enjoy The New Updates.

Today I added a Feature for the Doctor V64 Backup/Development device in the n64 section and I added Super Ein to the doa3 skins page. Enjoy.

Today I added Dark Baki Kasumi to the Doa3 skins section and I made a small update to the General Hacking Project. Enjoy

Today I updated the DOA3 General game editing page. Enjoy.

Dark Baki Leifang Version 2 was added. I will make an update to the editing page either tonight or tommorow whenever I get to it.

Today I have added a page for my doa3 game editing project. It can be accessed by clicking on Dead or Alive under special sections then once there click Custom Costumes and game Editing. Then click the General Game Editing link. You could also click HERE. Enjoy.

Today I added a page for my Dead or Alive 3 custom costumes. It is complete with downloads and pictures. Enjoy.

Today I added the Sega Saturn exclusive costumes to the Dead or Alive costume guide. I also used some java script to bring the random title generator back since my old cgi script wouldnt work. If you dont know the random title generator is what I call the code that makes the banner, gifs and music randomly change between FF7, FFX and Duke Nukem. Enjoy.

Today I made a very large update. I added a complete Dead or Alive for Playstation costume guide to the Dead or Alive section. Each character has a page and each costume has a picture. I also took all those game covers off the DOA main page because it took too long to load. Dont worry I put all of the covers on their own page complete with game names under them. I added the Dead or Alive 3 Platinum Hits cover for you veiwing pleasure. My Dead or Alive 2 review is now in the reviews section. Enjoy.

I added my review for Dead or Alive for Playstion. This site is now on angelfire and Web1000. The new web1000 address is http://gamenexus.web1000.com. It is ad free and popup free. Enjoy.

Today I added a Review of Final Fantasy X-2 (JPN) by TheMocks. Enjoy.

Today I added my review for the PC game Postal 2. Enjoy.

Today I added a review for the ps2 game Dragonball Z Budoki by InuFaye. I also added custom banners for FF7 and FFX a few days ago to the random title generator. Enjoy.

Today I added the Reviews for Street Fighter EX 3 and Final Fantasy X by InuFaye. I also added a Duke 3d X title to the random title generator.

Today I added the game reviews section. So far there are 2 reviews by InuFaye and 1 Review by me. I have also made many other changes like a Spawn Soul Calibur 2 movie in the downloads section and the soul calibur 2 downloads section. Enjoy.

Today I added a page with a review and overview of the game axe coler portable nes system which can be accessed by going to The NES Section. I also added on the bottom of the page a way to turn the music off.

Today I uploaded the beta version of Bleemcast for Dreamcast. It is available in Disc juggler and Nero formats. It will play a few psx games on Dreamcast. Some games work good and some donít. Try for yourself and see if you favorite game works.

Some more updates for you. I added the start of the Dead or Alive Section as well as the N Kasumi Revealed section. I also uploaded some more files for you pleasure. Enjoy.

These past few days I took all the site's text resized it and rewrote some of the system sections that were weak or needed a little more. I also made all the formating the same and made the size of the special section links smaller so they look right. Today I created the download section and took the required membership for the yahoo group and turned it off. You can just click downloads and they are direct links no membership needed. You don't even need to go to the yahoo group now with my new download section. I continue my work on the Dead or Alive and Turbo Grafx 16 sections as well as other things too.

Today I created a Yahoo Group for storing files for this site. I have uploaded an emulator for the X68000 Japanese Computer. In 1993 a remixed version of the nes version of Castlevania was made for the X68000. This game was then upgraded and released on PSX as Castlevania Chronicles. I have the rom files from the X68000 version of Castlevania for download in the group. I connected my Playstation 2 to my computer and made a video of Nude Kasumi in Dead or Alive 2 Fighting Jan Lee then I uploaded it to the group. I plan to make a download section in this site with links to various download places I will make, but for now access the group by clicking here and then on files. You need to join the group in order to download but Yahoo Group membership is free. More to come. Enjoy.

With the release of Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volley Ball in a week I have been very busy getting the latest information on it. You can download the latest Japanese DOAXVB TV ad by clicking here. There are some other videos for the Tokyo Game Show and E3 here. The song How crazy are you in mp3 form is also there. The current release date for the game is 01/21/03 in the USA. I will have more news once I get the game.

Being the big Lunar Fan I am I have been really busy with Lunar Legend for GBA. It is a new GBA version of the game Lunar the Silver Star. It is a good port of this great RPG for a portable at least. See for yourself BUY IT!!!! NOW!!! .

I made some edits to the main page (the ff7 characters and /music). I added the special sections links below the /main sections (ff7 and thrill kill sections). I have also started a Final Fantasy 7 Section and am continuing to add to the Thrill Kill Section. I am very busy working on a PC Engine/Turbo Grafx 16 section of the site. If you didnít know it was a system made by NEC (Turbo Grafx 16 in the USA and PC Engine in Japan). It was 16 bit (two 8 bit gpu's) and had the first ever console CD-ROM add on. (sega cd being the second). Once I have the section up you will learn more about it.

Today I have added a new background to the main page to make it easier to read. I will be making some more updates later today if possible.

I have been a bit busy as of late with my new XBOX and a few projects (game related) I have been working on. I havenít had much time for updates. Today I did a few spelling fixes on some of the pages and am working on some updates you can expect to see in the next few days.
Today I added Specs for NES, PS2, and Sega Complete. I also changed the font color to make it more readable. I changed the SNES Section's back round to make it look better.

Today I added the Dreamcast section, and Specs for Dreamcast, SNES, PSX, N64, 3DO, and Saturn. The Specs Can be accessed from a link on each system page.

Today I added the main page music. I also added the Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior animations near the main banner.

Today the Thrill Kill Characters section was added

Today I added the Graphic links and the start of the Thrill Kill Section. You can access this section by clicking on the Playstation Section link on the left and then click the link for Thrill Kill. enjoy.

The Game Nexus Revolution has started. The Game Nexus is a place to get information about almost every game system on or off the market. I will tell it how it is and give you the cover all you gaming needs. I welcome anyone who wants to add to this site. You could be a guest reviewer, and user suggestions are always welcome. If you could think of any thing you would like to do to add to this site or to make it better email me by going to the staff page or post on the guest book.


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