Microprocessor Unit: IBM Power PC "Gekko".

Manufacturing process: 0.18 microns copper wire technology.

Clock frequency: 405 MHz

CPU capacity: 925 Dmips (Dhrystone 2.1).

Internal data precision: 32-bit integer and 64-bit floating point.

External bus bandwidth: 1.6GB/second (peak) (32-bit address, 64-bit data bus 202.5 MHz)

Internal cache: - L1: 32KB instruction, 32KB data (8-way) L2: 256KB (2-way)

System LSI: "Flipper".

Manufacturing process: 0.18 microns NEC embedded DRAM.

Clock frequency: 202.5 MHz.

Embedded frame buffer: approx. 2MB; sustainable latency: 5ns (1T-SRAM).

Embedded texture cache: approx. 1MB; sustainable latency: 5ns (1T-SRAM)

Texture read bandwidth: 12.8GB/second (peak)

Main memory bandwidth: 3.2GB/second (peak). Color, Z-Buffer- each is 24 bits.

Image-processing: function fog
sub-pixel anti-aliasing
hardware light x8
alpha blending
virtual texture design
multi-texture mapping/bump/environment mapping
bilinear filtering
More image-processing functions-
real-time decompression of display list
hardware motion-compensation capability.

Sound processor: special 16-bit DSP

Instruction memory: 8KB RAM plus 8KB ROM

Data memory: 8KB RAM plus 4KB ROM

Clock frequency: 101.25 MHz

Maximum number of simultaneously produced sounds: ADPCM: 64 channels.

Sampling frequency: 48 KHz

System floating-point arithmetic capability: 13Gflops (peak), (MPU, geometry engine, hardware lighting total)

Actual display capacity: 6 to 12 million polygons/second (display capability assuming actual game with complexity model, texture, and so on)

System main memory: 24MB sustainable latency: 10ns or lower (1T-SRAM)

A-Memory: 16MB RAM (100-MHz DRAM)

Disc drive: CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) system, average access time 128ms, data-transfer speed 16 to 25 mbps

Media: 8 cm Nintendo Gamecube disc based on Matsushita's Optical Disc technology; approx. 1.5GB capacity

Input/output: controller port x4; Digicard slot x2; analog AV output; digital AV output; high-speed serial port x2; high-speed parallel port.

Power supply: - AC Adapter DC12V x 3.5A

Main unit dimensions: 150 mm (width) x 110 mm (height) x 161 mm (depth)