Sony Playstation 3

The Playstation 3 is Sony's third entry in the home console market. It was released in 2006 in Japan and Europe and 2007 in all other regions. It was the first ever console to feature a Blu Ray disc drive which of course is a high definition disc format with alot more storage then traditional DVD discs. It featured Wifi integrated into all consoles, the classic av out, a High definition HDMI port and wireless controllers. The original consoles featured 4 front usb ports, memory card readers and fully backwards compatibility with Sony's Playstation 2 games. The newer consoles still play the original Playstation but since the emotion engine chipset has been removed sadly no PS2. The original controler lacked rumble support due to Sony's unwillingness to pay the company who owned the copyright royalties. It was called the SixAxis which only featured a tilt sensor which wasn't utalized by many games at all. Luckily they finally wised up releasing their Dual Shock 3 which of coure forced early adopters to buy a new controller if they wanted rumble support. In 2009 Sony released their Playstation 3 slim consoles. Like the revised consoles before it, the slim featured only 2 usb ports on the front. This system ditched the standard pc power cord infavor of a two pronged non-grounded one. Slim Playstation 3's have a matte finish and are slightly slimmer then the previous consoles however it is not nearly a size difference compared to the slim versions of Sony's previous consoles. With this generation of console hardware, with some major revisions Sony's online service it's Playstation Network is a much more serious compeditor then its lack luster showing on the Playstation 2. To much dismay to gamers to go along side its normal free service Sony has unveiled a pay service called Playstation Plus which allows you to have free content but only as long as you pay them so you would loose everything if you ever canceled your subscription. Despite its mistakes with its Third console Sony has proven that they can still hold their own with Microsoft and Nintendo. Here is some information on the Playstation 3.