Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is Nintendo's 5th home game console released. After their less then stellar showing with the Gamecube, Nintendo had to do something to win back their fanbase. Instead of getting into a technology race with Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo decided to make their system has lesser graphics and not support HDTV resolutions. The most innovative feature of the Wii is its motion controls. The wiimote and its nunchuck attachment both had motion senors and tilt sensors built into them, so when the player would move their arms the game would react accordingly. This type of easier control scheme attracted alot of unlikely gamers. Older people embraced the Wii since it wasnt nearly as complex as traditional consoles. This led to alot of what most gamers would call shovel ware titles which tend to be games that are basically glorified tech demos with no real replay value except for the most casual gamers. The games were pressed on standard dvd discs but the system did not have the software to play dvd video discs. It featured 2 usb ports on the back, an sd card slot on the front and built in wireless b network connectivity. Despite the flaws nintendo has recaptured their audience and taken over the market in hardware sales. Here is some information about the Nintendo Wii Console.